Awakening & Ascension Mission
from the New Earth
With the Sacred Vibrations of the Source

Planetary Activation Codes of Awakening  & Ascension

  Action plan
for Volunteers
How prepare Access Activations


for Activations Codes of Awakening & Ascension with the Source

We are happy Eleyah and I to share with you this great spiritual adventure at the service of the Planetary Transition to the New Earth.

 Our Collective Planetary Mission

To succeed in this Mission Collective, it is essential to Unite our energies in order to reach the Critical Mass which will tip Human Collective Consciousness into the 5th Dimension of Love thanks to the Galactic Activations Codes of Awakening & Ascension of the New Earth.

In fact, We play Together, the Role of the 1st Dominoes who will cause Collective Awakening & Ascent of the Earth.

Beyond our personal differences and preferences, we will act together as " Advanced Posts " of Human Consciousness and " Frequency Relay Antennas ".

As a Global Group, United in Heart and Love , we will welcome and disseminate, in & through our Consciousness, our Body, our Cells and our DNA, the New Sacred Energies of Source.


What will you feel during the Activation Codes

Feeling is very variable depending on the person

Some experience states of awakening, of CommUnion with Love. Others experience feelings of homecoming with happiness and joy.

It is possible that painful memories spontaneously open with sometimes even liberating tears. Don't worry about it. Just let it go. Everything is fine

It also happens that some people do not feel anything. This does not prevent the work from being done normally. The absence of Felt is just the revealing of unhealed emotional wounds which have been repressed and blocked in the unconscious.

How is the vibrational Ascension lived in the 5th Dimension

The rapid rise in your vibrational rate that you will experience during Activations can give feelings of cold or heat, tingling, lightness or heaviness and even sudden sudden hunger. Have a little wool and fruit and water on hand.

During and after Activations, you can feel in great shape or, on the contrary, a stroke of fatigue, an urgent desire to sleep.

Rest assured all his impressions are Normal because the Body is not yet in the habit of mounting and operating in 5 ° Dimension. It needs time to adapt in order to change its cellular structure and its vibratory rate.

  Galactic Frequency Music

Galactic Music is above all Frequency Music. In other words, created to spread the New Sacred Vibrations of the Source. These are not human music, nor relaxation music, created to please our human ears. These galactic musics are created without partition and on 7 Octaves of amplitude.

This means that there are many very high-pitched and other very low-pitched sounds - which are not noise or video problems. The human ear is not used to hearing such sounds in everyday life, so it takes a little time to adjust.

* I recommend that you listen to the Activations with good quality speakers rather than with headphones or earphones, otherwise you will lose the Sound Bath of all your Aura and your subtle Fields.

  A Direct and Living Meeting with the Source

These Awakening & Ascension Activations are Galactic Concerts which are truly the VOICE of the Source "transcoded" by Sound, Color, Sacred Geometry and Numbers.

If you open your human person and your Heart, you will be touched in the depths of your Being. You are going to go home. You are going to live a very moving Direct Meeting with the Source. Homecoming Tears can come out spontaneously ...

How to Prepare for Activations

Activations are Sacred Times of Direct Meeting with the Source . A preparation is therefore necessary to get out of the stress of the day, to let go of the mind and return to the Heart and in Peace.
Remember to do everything necessary to be calm and not be interrupted.

Let's prepare together:

To help you, I recommend that you take several slow, deep breaths while listening to the audio - below, which is active.

- Let go of the mind, of its need to understand everything, & analyze constantly ...
- Let's just go back to the Presence of our Body
- Then let's center ourselves in our Heart ...

To help you, I recommend that you take several slow and deep breaths, and listen to the video - below, of presentation of the Activations which is active.


 Live & Replay of Planetary Concert
Activation Codes of Awakening & Ascension

It lasts about 45 mins and will only be
accessible at 2:30 p.m and Not Before
for Quebec & the USA

- If the video does not appear, refresh the browser page (F5)
- Click on the Play button
- For a better experience, switch to full screen mode



Share your experience with us
we will be happy to discover them :

The Creation of the Galactic Concert
Activation requires 15 working days.
Offer a Support Donation - Thank You In Advance




 Concrete Action Plan for Volunteers

Together, we will create many successive monthly waves thanks to the Galactic Activations. Each monthly wave will last 4 weeks


1st Week of Action:
- Broadcast on Social Networks the date of the next Planetary Activation / Wave

2nd Week of Action:
- Participate live in the Concert of Activation Codes to receive in your Consciousness, your Body and your DNA the New Sacred Frequencies of the Source, and thus to touch, by "Quantum Resonance", all the men of the Earth and to arouse Awakening and Ascension of the earth.

3rd Week of Action:
- Share the extracts of the Activations from my YouTube channel and my FaceBook Frequence-Source page, in many FaceBook's Groups in order to reach more and more people

4th Week of Action:
- Listen to the extracts of the Activations every day in order to anchor at your home & distribute the Sacred Energies of the Source in your neighborhood and your city to reach even more people from a distance

 To reach the Critical Awakening Mass
& Ascension of Earth in the 5th Dimension

It is important that we are more and more numerous

Share this event widely
to your friends, on Social Networks


* To be sure of receiving my invitation emails to the Activations, add: to your list of authorized emails.

See you soon to the joy of Working Together in the Service of Love and the New Earth.

KrystEya & Eleyah



Nous Contacter


Je suis heureux de vous partager les Nouvelles Révélations spirituelles que j'ai reçues dans des états de Communion avec la Source, et de vous accompagner sur cette Nouvelle Voie d'Eveil Féminine qui va vous permettre de retrouver votre Unité d'Amour avec la Source, et de devenir, à votre tour, un des Pionniers spirituels du Nouveau Monde qui vivent la formidable aventure d'être les premiers Dominos de la Grande Transition Planétaire


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